5 secrets to winning awards

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Has your company got what it takes to win an award? Almost certainly yes. But you won’t win if you don’t enter, and you won’t give yourself the best shot if you cobble an entry together at the last minute.

I’ve just completed three entries for British companies for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (QAE), the world’s most prestigious business award. Two were in the International Trade category and one in Innovation.

Are you stumped?

These are fantastic companies that are world leaders in their sectors, with great stories of achievement.

They were stumped, however, when it came to filling out the daunting 30-page entry form.

What they needed was a professional awards writer to tell their story in a compelling, focused way that would make the judges sit up and say, ‘Wow! That’s impressive.’


How to win business awards

Few awards require such a detailed submission as the QAE, but there are five ways to maximise you chances in any awards you enter:

  • Stress your strategic thinking and how you have adapted to events
  • Your financials are key – as well as core growth, look for extra examples of improvement wherever you can find them
  • Max out the word count for each question – but keep it relevant!
  • Use testimonials to back up your boasting
  • Don’t delay – compiling a shining entry takes a lot of work

Get in touch if you’d like some advice:

Entry for the 2015 QAEs opens in May 2014, but there is no need to wait. I work with Awards Intelligence as a senior consultant and we have a database of 1,500 awards totalling 15,000 categories – there will be one that’s right for you.

And remember. You don’t have to be the best in the world or the best in Britain. Just the best company that entered your category of your award this time round. Does that sound doable?

If you’d like some help with your entries or just some advice, drop me a line or give me a ring.




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