How to avoid clichés – are you sure you’re delighted?

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I’m delighted that you’re reading this. I’d be delighted to work with you. We’re delighted to have delighted our customers.

Hmm, I wonder if ‘delighted’ is getting a bit too overused. It’s an easy, feelgood word to slip in to conversation, emails and our marketing, but perhaps it has become a cliché.

How to avoid cliches

Mo Farah … delighted … happy … elated … and thrilled. So are we.

So what about some copywriting alternatives?




Over the moon.







Finding the right words

Some of these will sound too cosy, too excitable, too underplayed, too formal … but some will be just right, for you and your customers.

This blog is really an invitation to think about the words you use and make sure they’re right for your circumstances. To think like a copywriter.

And to think about the impression you make – and could make. Your customers may be encouraged to know that you’re “delighted” to be working with them. But what they really want is to be “delighted” themselves with the result.

Mind you, that master of the perfect phrase Stephen Fry called his latest Radio 4 series – a documentary about the wonders of the English language – Fry’s English Delight. And it was, too.

If you need a walking thesaurus or some cracking ideas, give us a call today.




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