Why do journalists make great copywriters?

You know how important it is to get your message across effectively (or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.) The bigger impact you make, the better you do business. Copywriters with a background in journalism are brilliantly positioned to help. Looking to my own experience, I’d say my success as a copywriter is directly linked to the 20 years I spent on Fleet Street before founding Editing Edge.   Why? Because cool-headed editing and writing under pressure for one of Britain’s most demanding news operations is great training for corporate copywriting. Yes, life’s no picnic at the Daily Mail when a typical day includes: Assimilating a complex briefing from the Washington correspondent on the latest Obama story
. Commissioning some fluffy copy to caption a Miley ... Read more

Hampshire copywriters – hello, Google!

I'm writing this blog as an exercise in creating website copy that is search-engine-friendly for place names. I want to show how you can blend the key phrases your customers are Googling into natural content. For example, you may wish your website to be found by people searching for 'wedding venues in Hampshire' or 'corporate travel Surrey' or 'Sussex kennels.' In my case, it's 'Hampshire copywriters' (as well as 'copywriting Surrey' and 'copywriter Sussex', in fact.) So this blog serves a dual purpose: it's intended to help improve my Google ranking for 'Hampshire copywriters' but also to show you how you can adapt my ideas to your own business. And the key thing is natural content. Your website copy needs to please the search ... Read more

Persuasive copy: the power of three

I wonder if you caught an entertaining piece in Metro recently about the 'power of three'? It is well worth some thought if you need to write persuasive copy for your business or if you're doing some public speaking. Writers have long deployed 'threes' to build up an argument: think about how the three adjectives 'tall, dark and handsome' work much better than 'tall and handsome.' Likewise, 'vini vidi vici' (I came, I saw, I conquered and about as much Latin as many of us have ever conquered) rolls off the tongue. How to sell Rice Krispies In fact new research from UCLA, California, suggests that to get what we want, we naturally write/speak in threes. Kellogg's copywriters twigged this generations ago when they came ... Read more

Why you need a copywriter – the 3Cs

I was chatting to a client recently who wanted to know what hiring a copywriter could bring to her company, when they knew their business so well they had far more expertise than me. Fair point, but my answer is that it is because I am an outsider that I add benefit. I bring the virtues of the 3Cs – providing copy that is Clear, Compelling and Concise. Writing with clarity Clear: it is because I’m not a specialist in her business that I can bring clarity, grasping the overview, picking out interesting detail and seeing what’s important in a way that she finds hard (she’s too immersed in it all.)   How can you add clarity to something you know so much about that you ... Read more

How to write a great Call to Action

It's one of the fundamentals of website copywriting that you need a good Call to Action – a few words that actually entice your target customers to do something. This might be to ring you, buy now or sign up for your newsletter. If you don't ask them to take action, chances are they won't and will instead drift off elsewhere on the web. It is actually proven that people are much more likely to do something if you ask them to. How to write a Call to Action that works for different customers A basic Call to Action is 'call us today.' You could position this prominently on every page, next to a nice big phone number. But you can vary your Calls to ... Read more

Top 10 ideas for blogs

Did you start blogging in a bubble of optimism then run out of steam? Finding new ideas for blogs doesn't have to be hard. Try these Top 10 blogging ideas: 1. Comment on topical items in the news that have a bearing on your business – and your customers' concerns. Set up Google alerts and scan news websites for relevant stories. Top tip: Research using Google News for up-to-date information in an easy-to-read form. Be amusing, informative, knowledgeable: whatever will get potential customers' attention. 2. Offer your readers hints and tips and make them topical: Top Ten autumn healthy eating tips 5 mistakes to avoid in [add your business area] this winter Fundraising ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 3. Answer FAQs. Think what questions your clients frequently ... Read more
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