Copywriting for Financial Services Industry

Or how to turn dull words into something interesting! Financial services and insurance – I’m not out to offend here but, let’s face it, it’s not something that sends shivers of excitement down many people. Through no fault of its own, the industry sells products that customers are either obliged ... Read more

You talkin’ to me?

Adjusting your writing style for your audience Who are you talking to when you’re putting together your marketing brochure or writing a piece for your website? Have you got a clear idea of who your target audience is for your business? Before you start any piece of writing, think: “Who do ... Read more

Should I use a freelance copywriter?

You need to write your latest brochure / website content / newsletter / press release / video script (delete as appropriate) and you are facing the question: should I do it myself or bring in an expert? Why should you pay someone else to write about your company when, after ... Read more

Thatcher’s assassin and the power of words

Reading this weekend’s obituaries of Geoffrey Howe it is clear how he will be remembered best ­– as “Thatcher’s assassin.” Once Margaret Thatcher’s close Cabinet ally, he turned on her in a resignation speech famous for its deadly venom. I was a political editor at Westminster in 1990, and I ... Read more

Copywriting testimonials

What could bright, effective copywriting do for your company? Well, help you sell more, show yourself at your very best and give your clients great reasons to hire you. These recent testimonials show how happy our clients are … could you be next? Copywriting testimonials  “The work you created was amazing and ... Read more

5 tips from Fleet Street for great copywriting

My last blog outlined some compelling reasons why hiring a journalist for your copywriting makes such good sense. To recap in a nutshell: journalists are versatile. If you need bright, snappy copywriting, we can do it. If you need elegant, sophisticated prose, we can do it. That’s the sales pitch over. ... Read more
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