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Get Dad up the Mountain! A good story

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Time to thank all the corporate sponsors backing our Africa Cause of the Year – we now have five, and it’s a huge help.

They’re not only doing a good thing, they’re also getting name checks on our publicity, in the press and on LinkedIn and Twitter. So it’s a canny commercial move, too.

What makes a good copywriter?

Here’s the roll call, then we’ve news about the big event next week – Get Dad up the Mountain!

Up Scafell to raise cash for Zambia

Our Cause of the Year is James Raftery’s expedition to build houses in Zambia that families can move right into, and cross Africa from West to East. Read more here.

If you’d like to become a corporate sponsor, you can do so for £50 via PayPal to or by bank transfer to sort code 40-36-16, account 61507648. Thank you!

The big event is his sponsored walk up Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, cajoling and encouraging his rather rotund dad up too. It’s set for next week, snow permitting, and is likely to take an exhausting eight hours.

‘Up a Mountain with my Fat Dad’ has proved an irresistible headline and we’ve had press coverage in the Petersfield Post and Petersfield Herald.

How do I get my business in the press?

We’re often asked, ‘How can I get my business in the press?’ and the answer is always, ‘A good story.’

Fat Dad is a great example, but we’ve also arranged coverage for Lizzie Carver and Joy Barden in the past. Lizzie had a great story to tell about bird phobia sessions, while Joy was handing over a bumper cheque for charity.

What’s your story?



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