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Keywords for websites

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We’d like to share our work on the new website for one of Hampshire’s prime wedding venues, because it is a great example of blending keywords for websites into relevant content.

Too many keywords stuffed into a page sound so artificial that it puts off potential customers (who wonder if the business is run by robots), as well as being penalised by Google.

Keywords for websites – and natural-sounding content

The copywriter’s trick is writing lots of content that the keywords can slip into. I know we’re always banging the drum about concise copy, but this doesn’t have to be a contradiction.

The essential is that website content be relevant, with plenty of useful information for the customer and real-life colour (through anecdotes and case studies) to paint a vivid picture. As long as no words are wasted, it’s fine to have eight or nine short paragraphs on a page.

Keywords for websites

Keywords in headings

No one likes reading a great wodge of text, so content should be broken up with sub-headings after every two or three paragraphs. Drop keywords into some of these headings where they can read naturally, for an SEO (search engine optimisation) bonus.

This website for The Tithe Barn combines the graphic design skills of our colleagues at Leaping Cow and Agent 8 Design, and the web-building genius of Gene Stoddart (The Gadget Man) with bold photography and lots of lively, human content. Keywords for websites can be daunting at times, but this project was a pleasure to work on from start to finish.

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