How’s your enthusiasm gap?

By November 7, 2012No Comments

So how’s your enthusiasm gap?

I’ve enjoyed watching the US election unfold and checking off the new buzzwords this time around, from ‘enthusiasm gap’ to ‘fiscal cliff.’ Both the BBC’s coverage and CNN were full of them.

The enthusiasm gap was supposed to mean a Romney win because his supporters were more enthusiastic than Obama’s (a miscalculation there, then). The fiscal cliff is a deadly combination of spending cuts and tax rises that will hit the economy in January unless the President and Congress can fix a deal.

I ask about your ‘enthusiasm gap’ because there may be a disconnect between how strongly you feel about your product or service and how you convey that to your customers. Does your enthusiasm, your belief shine out in all your marketing from brochures to your website to the conversations you have with prospects?

Do you choose words that are bright, dynamic, powerful, full of energy and vigour? Do you sound like your product is the best on the planet, or is your message flat and uninspiring?

Maybe review what you say and see if your pitch needs an enthusiasm uplift. Great copywriting is the key.

My other favourite Election 2012 buzzwords are these:

  • Too close to call
  • Midwest firewall
  • 270, the magic number

Short, sharp phrases that sum up a bigger, more complex idea can fire the popular imagination and take on a life of their own. Yes, some become cliches  and some raise a smile, but it’s still a good lesson in powerful messaging that applies to business as much as politics.



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