Winning over younger hearts and minds

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How ethical communication plays a critical role in reaching the younger generation

ethical communicationGeneration Z are a crucial demographic but they can be hard to win over.

If corporates want to tap into the lucrative youth/family market, their communication can’t just be about selling. Rather than patronise, preach or simply fail to get a reaction at all, they need an ethical approach to gain trust and win over the hearts and minds of their audiences.  They have to earn their right to get connections by giving real benefit.

Ethical communications

A brilliant example of creating ethical communications is We are Futures, a UK business I’ve recently collaborated with on several copywriting projects. They connect businesses with young people and their families through marketing, corporate social responsibility and HR.  In their words:

“we help you better earn your place in their lives”.

They create campaigns on behalf of their corporate clients that are ethical and effective.

Examples include:

  1. hand-washing and hygiene advice in a time of pandemic
  2. how to be smart about money so you embed good habits from an early age
  3. engaging primary school children to grow their own food to learn about healthier diets

… all helping their clients build relationships through giving something of value before they attempt to win over loyalty.

Proving credibility

This involves working closely with schools, providing lesson plans full of fun content with videos, comic strips, fact sheets and quizzes to engage pupils in each topic. They make life easier for teachers by offering them ready-to-go material that is linked to the national curriculum.

Assets are branded with the corporate’s logo, but equally stress why the client has credibility – a 100-year track record in promoting better hygiene around the world in the case of a soap manufacturer, or 25 years of lively, relevant financial education for pupils aged 5 to 16 in the case of a High Street bank.

Meaningful connections

Connecting meaningfully with young people and families can bring benefit for many years.  It’s tricky to get your communications right and that’s where the experience of a copywriter shines through.

If you have a campaign that is targeting the younger generation, get in touch to see how I can help you win over their hearts and minds.

winning over younger hearts and minds



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