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A rather special weekend in Davos

By September 25, 2017November 28th, 2017No Comments

I’ve recently returned from the highly prestigious Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit in Davos, Switzerland – a summit where the net worth of attendees was estimated at $15 billion.

davos summit

The landmark event was born out of the idea of connecting the global entrepreneurs, philanthropists and highest achievers from the Khoja community of Shia Muslims.  The community numbers only 125,000 worldwide but its acumen for trade and business mean members have been disproportionately successful.

Davos is, of course, famous as the setting for the World Economic Forum, attended by presidents, prime ministers and the likes of Google and Amazon CEOs.

A full-on commission

The list of attendees at the inaugural Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit (KBLS) was no less inspirational, including the founders of two of Africa’s few £1 billion businesses, steel and coffee tycoons from India and Central America, a former prime minister, a Bollywood star, a former Test cricketer, acclaimed surgeons and TV presenters.

Heading up communications for the summit was a full-on commission, with weeks of intense activity in the lead-up to the event crowned by three even more intense days in the sumptuous surroundings of the Davos Intercontinental Hotel from 7 to 9 September.

It was an exceptional experience and one that used my copywriting talents to the full – isn’t it the case that we often do our best work when we are stretched?

Speechwriting at 1am

I was speechwriting for the Chair and his deputy, composing powerful, emotive and inspiring messages befitting the occasion – at 1am as their thinking evolved in the light of conversations at Friday and Saturday’s gala dinners!

Before arriving, I wrote the content for the 72-page event magazine, including profiles of VIPs, stories about the charity work carried out by attendees, welcome messages from dignitaries and punchy fact files.

Once there I reported on every session, compiling a twice-daily news sheet summarising events for delegates. I prepared blogs and press releases for UK and international media before and after the summit.

Historic document

And I even wrote the Khoja Davos Accord – the historic document that encapsulated the summit’s decisions and priorities for the future.


KBLS concluded with millions being pledged in strategic giving to humanitarian causes. Priorities will be poverty relief, education and disaster aid.

Streamlined communications were pivotal to this outcome – making sure delegates were informed and enthused, crafting speeches that inspired them to give, and honing the Accord and press releases that will keep the momentum going so the summit does make a real difference.

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At the summit, I’m pictured left.



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