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I may have swapped the frenetic activity of Fleet Street for the beautiful Hampshire countryside but some things never change at the start of my working day.  The first thing I always do is check the news headlines. It’s an old habit from my life as a journalist, but also useful to see if there is anything I can craft into a topical blog for one of my clients

First up on my job list this morning is writing copy for a brochure for a printing company, with a compelling top-line message for the new marketing campaign and enough technical detail integrated to please the sales team. They have a new product they’re thrilled with and that enthusiasm infuses the copy.

lesley hussell copywrtier

Next up I’ve got a Skype call with an international construction client.  (Technology allows me to have clients far and wide without compromising on the face-to-face interaction).  We’re talking about their new website, which focuses on how their people make them stand out from the competition. Telling “people” stories will bring their achievements to life far better than listing stats about their buildings so it’s important I get to speak to my clients to tease out their stories and personalities.

After a busy morning, it’s time to prep for a meeting tomorrow with a new business awards client – this firm are doing amazing work in Africa on water and sanitation as part of their CSR strategy. Last week it was a nationwide chain of gyms going for a customer service award.  It’s fair to say I deal with wide variety of sectors and jobs in my work.

My job list for today is nearly complete.  I need to finalise a press release for a food company as part of an ongoing brand-building media strategy. They have plenty to shout about but some stories need coaxing out and others needed to be carefully timed.  This is a project I’ve been involved with over a long period.

The projects I take on do vary in length: some can be over six months like this one, some are done in a day.  The work I do changes every day, which I love. I need to keep my wits about me and be versatile, upbeat and have plenty of mental energy. The office is a hive of activity.

Finally, I head off to a meeting as a voluntary member of the village magazine team – at the Daily Mail my work was read by millions, here it’s hundreds, but the attention to detail is the same!

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