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The awards season is in full swing and while the papers will be full of celebrities in the latest designer gowns on red carpets, there’s also growing anticipation about what cutting political statement or faux pas the winners may come out with on the podium. We’ve already had outspoken moments from the likes of Meryl Streep … and there are going to be plenty more.

There’s no doubt the acceptance speech is a great opportunity to get your message out there. You only have to look at Facebook or Youtube the following day to see the popularity of watching that actor break down in tears or tearing the government to shreds.

We may not all end up making an Academy Award speech but there are still plenty of opportunities to be in the limelight.  So if and when it’s your turn …

… would you be ready to make the most of your big moment?

Whether you’re accepting an Oscar or an award at a regional business event – or maybe when you find yourself in the lift with the CEO of your dream corporate client (your elevator pitch) – you want to use the occasion to get a brilliant message across: succinct, powerful, dazzling.

To help you be prepared here are a few pointers from a copywriter who has helped plenty of people win awards in the first place …

  • At the Oscars (who am I to spoil your dream?) you won’t just want to thank everyone who’s ever known you, you may want to say something more significant about politics, the environment or inspiring young people.
  • In a business context it could be sharing a game-changing breakthrough – either something you’ve already done that others can learn from, or a sneak peek at what you have in store.
  • Even in a more low-profile situation it’s great to have clarity about what you do and why. You never know when you might have to stand up and get your message across.

Be prepared

In all these cases preparation is key, so try practising a one-line, 30-second and three-minute version of why you’re the best.

At Editing Edge our mantra is that less is more. But that doesn’t mean less time spent getting your words right – it often takes longer to be concise (see the example here).

Honing the key message you want the audience to remember long after you’ve left the room isn’t always easy. If you are struggling, you might invest in a copywriter.

After all, celebs, presidents, prime ministers and the Queen … they all use speechwriters!

(My favourite is Toby Ziegler from The West Wing. Who do you think wows with words?)



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