Desmond Tutu and me

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I’m inspired to blog today by the sheer variety of the work I’ve been doing in the last fortnight.

A real highlight has been an email conversation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu on a project involving South Africa: here I confess I was so excited every time he replied, as well as amazed at how helpful he has been, that it has completely made my week!


Two other projects have been:

  • editing a children’s book to produce a version half the length for reluctant readers (working with the school publishers Ransom). This combined the fun of writing about pirates with the challenge of fitting an ambitious layout.
  • turning a rather stuffy corporate brochure for NHBC into an engaging  document that sets out an important piece of company policy clearly and simply, highlighting the benefits to employees of getting on board.

I’ve also been researching the Royal Variety Performance, drumming up ideas for a newsletter for Alton Convent School and preparing a quote to ghostwrite an autobiography.


I’m not just listing these diverse jobs to prove I’m versatile (though that’s obviously what I’d like you to remember), but also to point out the common denominator – finding the right words.

Words that are powerful, evocative, colourful, clear and persuasive.

That’s the art of good copywriting and effective editing.


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