Long live design

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We’re picking up rumours of the imminent demise of the South East Design Forum (previously the South Coast Design Forum). It would be a real shame if this inspiring creative group fell victim to a merciless business climate. We hear that branches such as Brighton, Petersfield and Winchester could press on independently, however, and this would be excellent news for businesses who appreciate the value of good design – and we mean commercial value.


A Showcase called Better Business by Design run by Petersfield SEDF in March proved to local businesses that working with designers can improve their relationship with their customers, their credibility and kudos, and ultimately their bottom line.


Two examples:

  • Design adds value by putting a business on the map (think of the Spinnaker Tower or the East Beach Café in Littlehampton)
  • Design gives a business competitive edge (think of BMW or Kenwood, household names through brilliantly-designed products)


According to Design Council Research fewer than half of businesses believe design is integral to giving them a competitive edge, yet three quarters of design-led business say they’ve gained a commercial advantage as a direct result of design.


If it’s true that SEDF is dead, long live whatever comes afterwards!





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