Out of the coal hole

By July 2, 2012No Comments

We’ve just emerged from a frustrating period of purda imposed by BT. Having moved offices to something a little bigger, it was a shock out of the 1970s to discover there would be a three-week wait for a new phone line + broadband. We were whizzed back to the dark ages, unable to send emails, look stuff up online or make a proper phone call (the mobile signal here being a little patchy, to say the least.) Which all felt not just weird but like being in prison.

So apologies to all those who’ve had emails belatedly answered or couldn’t hear us crackling down the phone. We’ve kept on working but it has been very tricky! Temporary wi-fi proved so bad BT gave it to us free of charge. Thank you for a free non-service, I’m sure it will come in very handy … Actually, our favourite broadband people ever are Zen in Manchester and we’re back zipping along with them now the landline has finally been installed.

All of which leads me to the thought that businesses with websites and blogs that are stuck down a coal hole in their own way, i.e. creaky text, non-existent SEO and updates once in a blue moon, are doing themselves no favours at all. A sparkling, powerful website and lively, regular blog are essential to hook new customers and keep old ones. If you’d like some help rectifying such a situation, give us a call. We’re back in action!



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