Get blogging

By November 20, 2010No Comments

It’s easy to start a blog with the best of intentions, then see it fall by the wayside as your initial enthusiasm wanes for lack of time or lack of ideas. 

But finding new sources of inspiration can be easier than it seems.

Try these: 

Offer your readers hints and tips. A hairdresser might do Top Ten blow drying tips, while an accountant could come up with 5 mistakes to avoid on your tax return. Giving away ‘free’ information is a way to position yourself as an expert and engender goodwill in your clients.

Comment on topical items in the news that have a bearing on your business – and your customers’ concerns. Be amusing, informative, knowledgeable: whatever will get their attention. If you’re a travel agent, speculating on Wills’ and Kate’s honeymoon plans is an obvious one.

Think what questions your clients frequently ask you and blog some answers. Trawl your recent emails if you’re stuck for typical queries – there should be plenty of material there. If you run a nursery and parents keep asking about security, there’s your topic.

Boast about your achievements, such as new contracts or glowing testimonials. It’s not really boasting, it’s reminding your clients how you can help them solve their own problems – all they have to do is call you!

Don’t be daunted. It’s simpler than you think.



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