Make bad news good

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Making bad news good


Bad news for someone can often turn out to be good news for somebody else. So blizzards sweeping the UK, shutting airports, delaying trains and wrecking holidays were very bad news for holidaymakers, airlines and Government ministers left to carry the can.


But snow mayhem proved an opportunity for one of our clients – the Port of Portsmouth. Expertise, sound planning and hard graft meant the Port and ferry companies kept running a normal schedule despite chaos elsewhere. That was a godsend for passengers booked on a sailing, who were able to turn up and get away as planned. It also proved a lifeline for travellers whose flights or trains had been cancelled. 


Timely press releases to the local and national media, and stories on the Port’s website, let people know the good news. And with more white stuff forecast, the communication campaign will continue.


TIP: Use your website or blog to stay in touch with customers. You may be able to pass on information that will really do them a service. 


The Port was a classic case of a cloud having a silver lining – even if it is a snow cloud. Look for similar opportunities in your business.



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