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The art of storytelling

  Storytelling has been used for centuries as a powerful means of educating, spreading news, and sharing messages. Most importantly, to inspire people! For your business, storytelling can be an impactful tool to reach and effectively engage with your target audience.   Storytelling and copywriting go hand-in-hand and at Editing…
September 22, 2022

Why does messaging matter?

Connecting with your audience is perhaps more challenging than ever. As customers we have become increasingly demanding, and there is a growing need to gain trust through transparency. Therefore, messaging today is about far more than simply describing your product or your service. Instead, messaging is key to engaging with…
July 14, 2022
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You talkin’ to me?

Adjusting your writing style for your audience Who are you talking to when you’re putting together your marketing brochure or writing a piece for your website? Have you got a clear idea of who your target audience is for your business? Before you start any piece of writing, think: “Who…
February 8, 2016

It’s an omni shambles

Two phrases caught my attention this week and made me smile for their inventive use of words. The first was 'economic patriotism', dreamed up by a candidate in the French presidential election as a euphemism for paying higher taxes. How to make something bad sound something good.
April 29, 2012