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What Trump can teach us – really!

By January 16, 2017October 1st, 2018No Comments


In just a few days’ time (at the time of writing) the new leader of the free world is about to take his seat (assuming the FBI, CIA, Russian security or MI6 don’t unearth any more little surprises).

You may think as a copywriter I’d be unlikely to look to Donald Trump for inspiration on getting your words right. We’ve all been subjected to his many gaffes and tirades over the last year, but Trump can teach us something.

Trump has proved if you keep banging on message you’ll get results – he’s brash, bold, single minded and it has worked. Of course, often it’s cringe worthy but sometimes that looks like a ploy too.

When writing copy for your own business you need to be bold, you can often be daring and you need to keep on message.

Trump’s loud mouth looks dangerous and thankfully he’ll be ringed by more cautious advisers. I wouldn’t suggest you try to be more like Trump (never in a million years) but do think about the need for a simple, powerful message.

If you can express it with the compelling rhetoric and emotive style of Barak Obama, a consummate wordsmith with an unerring ability to deliver great speeches, so much the better. (If you can’t, maybe you need a copywriter!)

Trump remains a great example of the power of words to convert or alienate people. That’s why you need to get your words right.



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