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Horse meat: how not to handle the press

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Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for a perfect example of how not to handle the press.

Subject: the horse meat scandal.

“The Daily Telegraph spoke yesterday to Mr Boddy’s son, who declined to be named but said, ‘It’s a load of hype, it’s not true. It’s crap.’ … [at another company] the owner referred enquiries to Colin Patterson, his plant manager. When contacted by the Daily Telegraph, a man answered the phone as Colin then hung up. When contacted again, he said he was in fact Dai the cleaner, adding that Mr Patterson was unavailable.”

Daily Telegraph Lesley Hussell

Those under pressure (individual or corporate) should abide by three rules:

1. If it’s no comment, stick to that and say nothing at all.

2. Get a damage-limitation strategy together asap and keep to the agreed line.

3. Don’t accept the premise of the question.

Oh yes, and try not to look foolish.

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