Why it is so important to look good and get the words right

I’ve just finished reading Simon Garfield’s excellent book on fonts, called Just My Type. Ok, it might not sound that fascinating, but it was a real eye-opener.

I’ve learned that Helvetica has taken over the world, that Comic Sans is the font most hated by designers and that there are probably upwards of 300,000 typefaces out there, with digital foundries constantly inventing and evolving them.

The book puts a new perspective on even a walk to the shops and while I was watching Sherlock the other evening I found myself wondering whether the typeface for the opening sequence was Helvetica or Univers …

This all underlines the importance, in my view, of design. It’s vital to look good. Businesses serious about making an impression on their customers should be working with a graphic designer to make sure that everything they communicate shows them at their very best.

The best website designers have intuitive (or acquired) design skills to make your brand look great. Don’t think ‘Oh, it’s only a little brochure, I’ll get my teenage nephew to do it on his PC.’ What if it’s the only piece of your collateral a potential important new customer sees? You’re selling yourself short.

Of course, no matter how good your message looks (a whizz-bang website, beautiful typeface, sophisticated brochure or glossy production values), it won’t work unless the words do.

Poor copy will make the whole exercise a waste of time. It needs to be concise, clear and compelling. Bright, simple and getting your most powerful points across with impact.

If words aren’t your strong point, ask a professional to take over!



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