The Client

Colin Norgate Website

Colin is a stunningly skilled craftsman, one of the UK’s finest woodworkers whose creations include a £21,000 sideboard and a £18,000 display cabinet.

The Problem

Colin’s website needed a complete overhaul and I worked in tandem with the immensely talented Nick Pye of Agent 8 Graphic Design.  The new website needed to be sales-led rather than focusing on Colin’s experience, as his previous website had.

The Answer

It was important to really understand how Colin worked so I spent a morning in his workshop in Langrish, Hampshire, to get a feel for the touch and smell of the wood and soak up his love for his work.

The website needed evocative writing to bring out his delight in the job and the subtlety of his craftsmanship.  It needed to appeal to his potential customers so they could relate to him and his products.  It was important to bring out the human element and talk about his creations in a way that brought them to life.

I included some intriguing details specifically to encourage potential customers to call him to find out more.

The result

The new website artfully displays his stunning creations whilst the writing captures the passion and creativity of Colin’s work, encouraging potential customers to get in touch.

“Excellent service, tactful understanding of the client’s requests. I am very pleased with the copywriting you supplied for my new website”.

Bring your creations to life and encourage more sales with the right words on your website.

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