the participation revolution

The Client

The Participation Revolution

The sub-heading of this fascinating book is: How to ride the waves of change in a terrifyingly turbulent world. Great editing ensured it lived up to the drama!

The Participation Revolution explains how in the next ten to 20 years, seven in ten current jobs will disappear. Half of today’s corporations will no longer exist. We can either see this as an end or a beginning. In this essential guide to a bewildering future, Neil Gibb shows we are at one of those rare points in human history when a whole way of thinking is on the turn, just as it was in the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. In the new world order, passive consumers are being replaced by active participants. Those who catch the swell early are the ones who prosper. Those who don’t get it will be left behind.

Meeting the Challenge

This concise work initially went through a significant developmental edit, working closely with the author to clarify the structure and the organisation of the material, as well as crystallising out the concept and its expression. This was followed by copy editing to iron out any unhappy turns of phrase and other remaining glitches.

The Result

‘So brilliant we started work on thinking about its impact on our company before I even finished it.’ Lee Woodward, CXO Crabtree & Evelyn

‘A rich and topical narrative for the changes we sense in the world around us but may not yet have been able to verbalise.’ Dr Neil Stott, Cambridge Judge Business School

‘I devoured every page of The Participation Revolution. Each case study is so interesting, and presented with clarity, making for a riveting, and accessible read.’ Amazon reviewer

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