The Story of Trojan Records

The Client

The Story of Trojan Records

The Story of Trojan Records tells the 50-year history of a mission to bring Jamaican music to the world. It is the definitive story of the label and a landmark publication for reggae enthusiasts: 2018 was the 50th anniversary of Trojan.

The Problem

The book is made up of 12 chapters, 26 artist bios, 20 producer bios, extensive monologues from interviews, and thousands of images, many of which have not been previously published and have never been collectively published.

The Answer

The editing/proofing work included ensuring that the copy was clear and coherent and avoiding repetition of the same information across different but related entries, smoothing and refining the prose, tailoring it to fit the available space where necessary, ensuring consistency and a great deal of fine-tuning and final checking, as well as incorporating last-minute design changes. A truly laborious but worthwhile project!

The Result

“A comprehensive history of the label’s development over the past half century.”
Billboard Online

Amazon reviews:

“Over the last 50 years I have gathered most books about reggae music but this is the cream of the crop. Absolutely essential for anyone who ever bought a record on one of Trojan’s many labels. This needs 10 stars!”

“You will go a long way before finding such a riveting and beautifully illustrated history of popular music from Jamaica.”

“I have waited a long time for a definitive review of the history of Trojan records and this is it. A really well put together and researched book which has many rare and notable items and articles. There are some excellent references to other sources if you want to go deeper. Compliments my record collection perfectly. Thank you so much for doing this book.”

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