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Copywriting for world-leading medical teams

The clients

I’ve been privileged to work with healthcare professionals who are among the very best in the UK.

Why do they employ a copywriter without a string of medical qualifications (I’m not a member of a Royal College, I don’t have a medical degree, I’m a Fellow of no society of surgeons, psychiatrists or pharmacology)?

Because I can express their achievements, and the importance of what they do, in clear, compelling terms that showcase their expertise to the world.

This was the case with the co-founder of a world-leading medical research organisation, a £2 billion company accelerating the arrival of life-saving drugs to market. The founder is a modest man whose success is down to remarkable entrepreneurial drive, hard work and determination. I held a series of meetings with him to understand the qualities that underpinned his phenomenal track record, and carried out extensive background research to be able to put his achievements into context.

I have also worked with a clinical trials company that has pioneered the single biggest change in its sector in 30 years. It runs a network across five continents and is enjoying growth of 150% a year. My role was to prepare a prestigious awards entry for the business, encapsulating its multiple achievements in succinct segments to answer the judges’ questions, gathering testimonials and ensuring its financials were presented in the best light.

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Another client with a global reputation is a urological surgeon who has led important developments in keyhole surgery. I worked with this doctor to focus on the human impact of the work, draw the best evidence examples from lengthy reports and produce a document that both incorporated scientific data and was readably by a lay audience.

I collaborated with an outstanding pharmacologist to compile his application for a senior post, combining proof of the benefit he has brought to patients in terms of new treatments with evidence of his integrity and ethics. The fact that I have specialism in pharmacology myself proved no barrier to establishing an excellent working relationship with the august figure and helping him show himself at his best.