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SEO Copywriting

When we create website copy for our clients, as well as making it engaging and readable we have to consider the SEO aspect.

For the uninitiated, I’m talking about search engine optimisation ­– using keywords within the copy to make your website attractive to search engines and therefore your potential customers.

The Problem

Your website copy needs to please the search engines, but just as importantly, it needs to please your target audience once they’ve found you on Google and clicked onto your site. If they’re confronted with sentence after mangled sentence that makes little sense to humans, they’ll be trying your competitors’ websites in seconds.

In the old days (and when it comes to digital marketing, the olden days are about four years ago!) many websites used keyword-stuffing techniques where they mentioned the keyword terms as often as possible, with little thought for grammar, punctuation or readability.  The result was sites that turned readers off the moment they arrived.

Thankfully Google now penalises websites using keyword stuffing but there still remain plenty of poorly worded websites out there in need of a natural SEO makeover.

The Answer

Our approach is to use natural content. We use keywords and phrases but only in the right places, and we deploy variations rather than exactly the same words. When clients ask us for SEO copy for websites we work with them to identify the best keywords to use and then weave them seamlessly into the text. Above all, the content has to be relevant, informative and engaging.

See some recent examples of Editing Edge SEO copywriting here:

The Result

The clients have been really pleased with the revamped SEO copy.  By using the right words in the right places, we have helped get their website pages ranked by Google (other search engines are available), found by customers searching for those keywords and actually read by their target audience.

Please your audience and the search engines with carefully crafted SEO copy

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