langmead press release

The Client

Langmead Herbs Press Release

The Langmead Group have been farming in West Sussex since 1881 and have built their business into a diverse, consumer-focused collection of fresh food, farming and property businesses operating across the world.

Editing Edge were asked to provide a press release for the Langmead Herbs division based in Bosham, West Sussex.

The Problem

Editing Edge were asked to write a press release for Langmead Herbs to announce their recent business growth.

Langmead’s target messages for PR are:

  • Strong and stable – we are herb experts
  • Innovative and forward thinking
  • Investing in our people and place
  • Delighting our customers

The press release needed to be brief enough to ensure it could be fitted into any news space but it needed to hit all the client’s key messages.

The Answer

We wrote a press release of 500 words but drafted it in such a way as to allow the reporter working on it to cut to the chase very quickly should space be tight. We therefore made it as easy as possible for the newspaper to use the story.

Quoting the CEO gives the information greater authority.  The extra information in the rest of the release provides plenty of tempting human-interest angles about luscious herbs and a robot-run glasshouse to encourage the Chichester Observer to run a bigger feature soon (e.g. Langmead has the UK’s only fully automated glasshouse, running 24 hours a day with minimum human input, producing 5 million pots of basil, parsley, mint, thyme and chives a year.)

The Result

The press release got a great placing in the Chichester Observer.  It hits all the client’s key messages in a few succinct lines.  It sets the scene and will be the springboard for a bigger feature piece in the months ahead.

Versions of the same press release have also been sent to the grocery and fresh produce trade press, allowing Langmead to maximise their return on investment in Editing Edge.

When it comes to crafting a press release, less is more 

Ensure you get your key messages across in a concise way, making it as easy as possible for the press to use your story.  Contact Editing Edge today for help with your press release.

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