Copywriting on mental health

The clients

It has been hugely uplifting to work with mental health charity Shawmind, helping it gain greater exposure for its work to support children and families in confronting and challenging mental ill health. I have written a 4000-word report highlighting the achievements of the charity, its founders and staff, as well as gathering case studies from a variety of supporters.

Collaborating on a project with a world-leading consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist was another meaningful project. In his field of severe personality disorder he has transformed many lives and I was able to approach the brief from two angles: writing a clear explanation of his pioneering techniques on the one hand, and on the other interviewing patients to hear their first-hand accounts of the difference he has made. Interviewees ranged from a senior legal figure to a woman trapped in an abusive marriage, and all required sensitivity, empathy and understanding on my part.

For the World Federation of Khoja Muslims I edited a strategy document for a mental health crisis line launched at the start of the Covid pandemic, ensuring the document clearly set out the project’s goals, methods of implementation and desired outcomes. As with many of our clients, the authors had great ideas but needed the skills of a copywriter to express them most effectively.

As with all our commissions, when it comes to mental health copywriting we adapt our approach and tailor our style of writing to suit the audience but always with a view to the complexity of the issues at stake.