The Client

Portsmouth International Port

Email newsletters like this keep customers interested in your product and draw them to your website when they click on ‘read more’ links. The art is finding good human (or animal!) stories and writing them in a lively style.

The problem

Portsmouth International Port needed customer newsletters to connect with a diverse audience, ranging from families booking a crossing to France to cruise ship operators and commodity shippers.

The answer

We sourced stories for the newsletter from Port press releases, travel news, special offers, festivals and tourist events at destinations served by the Port and fascinating facts.

The result

Not only do these customer newsletters make interesting, useful reading, they are also good for SEO (search engine optimisation) because they keep content fresh on the Portsmouth International Port website.

Editing Edge copywriter Lesley Hussell works on projects for Portsmouth International Port, Hampshire, in collaboration with The Purple Agency’s team of marketing and communications experts.

Fresh ideas for customer newsletters

Our Fleet Street experience is invaluable in sparking ideas for new content. We look not just at what your company is announcing or working on, but also at all that could interest your customers.

You and your staff may be too close to the business to spot great ideas that we can exploit for customer newsletters, often because you have grown to take much of what you do for granted. It’s the same for many companies, and that’s the advantage of calling in outside copywriting experts such as Editing Edge.

E-newsletters or print?

We work with clients on email newsletters and printed customer newsletters. E-newsletters offer the bonus that they draw readers back to the news page on your website, where they may then click onto your Home page or special offer pages.

Printed customer newsletters have the advantage of being more tangible, easy to carry round and read at your customer’s leisure, and are a more long-lasting profile-raiser. We are happy to advise on what will work best for your business.

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