The Client

Direct Travel

Press releases keep customers updated with latest news but are also a brilliant way of refreshing the Direct Travel Insurance website with relevant content, perfect for Google rankings.

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The problem

Direct Travel is part of AIG Insurance, one of the biggest insurance groups in the world. The digital marketing team at their London HQ needed lively, relevant copywriting to keep their website updated.

The answer

A constant stream of bright, engaging press releases written by Editing Edge. Some announce company news, others comment on travel industry developments; some list Top Ten destinations or advice for travelling with kids. All are informative, interesting and an SEO-friendly 300 to 400 words long.

The result

Direct Travel sees company news picked up by media outlets, who have lots of space to fill and are also voracious for  just the sort of Top Ten or Tips articles we are creating. What’s more, the press releases are posted in the news section of the DTI website, keeping it refreshed and topical. So much new, relevant content on the website is excellent for Google rankings.

What makes press releases work – what makes news?

The short answer is that news is whatever the editor of the newspaper, magazine, radio station or TV channel thinks is interesting and important that day.

We can narrow it down, however. Press releases should focus on a human story that is new, different or surprising. Human because people like to read about people. Rather than sending out a press release about a new piece of software or product, for example, we focus on the people it will benefit.

Before sending out press releases, we check the publications we are targeting to make sure the story will sit well with their style and content. There is a big difference, clearly, between Fish Fryers’ Monthly and Vogue …

We finish by following up with a call to the editor to reinforce what a good story we are offering and to make our press releases stand out among the dozens of others received that day.

Tricks of the trade learned from our 20+ years of media experience!

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