The Client

Clone Media website

Clone Media are UK leaders in print, branding and packaging, When they recently revamped their website, they approached Editing Edge to help them inject personality into a brand that lists both “having fun” and “total professionalism” among its core values.

The Problem

The previous website Home Page just had lists of services with no overarching message. It made no mention of their clients on five continents, the big names they work with or the benefits of hiring them – this comes down to one vital point: Clone Media gets your message in front of people in the most engaging, cost-effective way.[/column]

The brief included:

“We have a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to explaining to people what we do, so finding a concise way to sum this up would be helpful!”

“We are beginning to develop a company culture, which we would like to be reflected in the website copy.”

The Answer

We made the website copy brighter, more engaging and reflecting more of their sense of fun, whilst remaining absolutely professional.

Throughout the website we developed a tone of voice that expresses the emerging company culture. We helped them through their identity crisis so they have a concise way to sum up the value they bring to their clients.

Another critical part of the brief was writing keywords into natural copy to help their potential customers find them on Google. Hence an appropriate sprinkling of “personalised USBs”, “video brochures”, “luxury packaging” and more.

The Result

Clone Media’s reaction: “We’ve just read through the content you have created and we absolutely love it.”

The new website is vibrant, engaging and full of personality. Gone are boring lists of services and instead it talks to their clients and illustrates exactly how Clone Media can help get their message out there.

Unclear of your message?  Let someone else sit in your chair.

When you need a fresh approach or are just too close to the business to see it from your customer’s perspective, bringing in an expert copywriter can help develop your tone of voice and make your message clear.

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