unlocking speaking

The Client

Education authors

In our copyediting job for Unlocking Speaking and Listening in Every Child, a manual for educationalists, we prepared the text for publication, identified key sections to highlight and worked in tandem with the graphic designers on page proofs.

Unlocking children’s speaking and listening skills is crucially important in developing  literacy and communication abilities. Good communication improves performance, is more rewarding for the individual and builds self-esteem.

This book was part of a popular “Unlocking…” series, and included sections covering developing listening skills, speaking for a purpose, structuring group discussions, building social skills, word games and language play, and assessing speaking and listening.

Our role was to bring coherence and flow to a bulk of material, as well as checking painstakingly for consistency and turning out a really polished finished product.

Another great example of this type of work is The Higher-Education Advisers’ Handbook. We copyedited diverse contributions from academics along with lists of courses and subjects that needed close attention to detail. 

Whilst intended for careers teachers, it also had to be accessible for parents and pupils too, and our own experience of guiding teenagers through the multitude of choice around GCSE and A-level options, university places and dream jobs proved very useful!