Awards Intelligence Business Guide

The Client

The Awards Intelligence Ultimate Guide to Business Awards

We were asked to put together an insider’s guide to winning business awards on behalf of Awards Intelligence (AI).  Awards Intelligence has helped hundreds of businesses win thousands of awards that recognise their hard work, innovation and enterprise.  The industry average win rate is just 10%, whereas their win rate is over 50%.

The Problem

The AI guide to business awards required a) lively writing b) detailed research c) insider knowledge accumulated through years of writing successful awards entries d) sourcing case studies and pictures e) sourcing fascinating facts and figures f) an upbeat, engaging style g) combining factual information with compelling arguments why organisations should hire AI to write their entries.  Not the simplest of briefs but we were more than up for the challenge, having worked closely with AI over many years and we knew just how to approach the task.

The Answer

The guide contained the right mix of facts, insider advice, images and success stories to encourage the reader to apply for an award but clearly implied how an organisation such as AI can make all the difference to a successful result.

The guide can be downloaded from the AI website.  Not only does this position AI as industry experts, it encourages prospective clients to give their email address in order to download the guide, thus helping build a list of future clients.

The Result

Some great imagery was combined expertly with our words to produce the finished guide. The guide has been very well received by AI clients with regard to the advice it provides on how to select awards, how to leverage wins for business benefit and encouragement to enter with its insight:

“You don’t have to be the best in the world, the best in the UK or even the best in your sector. You just have to be the best company or team who have actually entered your category of your chosen award this time.”

It’s not only a helpful tool for companies making the decision whether to enter an awards but the perfect advert for Awards Intelligence.

The quality of your writing coupled with your outstanding client management, care and attention to detail make for an outstanding package.
Awards Intelligence

A “how to” guide can be your most effective selling tool

It positions you as an industry expert as well as providing the perfect excuse to get valuable email addresses.

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