The Client

Ramadan Relief Fund Report

The Ramadan Relief Fund receives donations from benefactors around the world which are spent during the month of Ramadan on food parcels and support for education and health for the needy, as well as for vulnerable people such as widows and victim of terror.

In 2017 they delivered over $2 million USD in aid across 20 countries.

Each year they produce the Ramadan Relief Fund Report, which details how the donations were transformed into life-changing aid.

Ramadan Relief Fund Report 2017 

ramadan relief fund

The Problem

In previous years, the report had been 30+ pages, with work listed country by country. My brief was to come up with a more interesting approach and condense the highlights into a report only 12 pages long.

It was important to complete the report with pictures, statistics and human stories as soon as possible after the end of Ramadan so that donors could see how their money had been spent. This is important for transparency and accountability but also to encourage them to give again next year.

So deadlines were very tight.

The Answer

I had to read, analyse and pull out the best stories and stats from 80+ reports and picture files sent in from the charity’s teams and recipient organisations around the globe.

My task included gathering material, choosing the topics to cover, writing stories, selecting images and identifying the best testimonials.

The Result

Throughout the report, you can read the heart-felt stories from the families that were helped, along with testimonials from the on-the-ground aid workers.

It was intense, immersive, exhausting but incredibly uplifting to read of lives changed by the relief effort and to see the wonderful pictures of families with their food parcels or children able to go to school.

“Your donations helped orphans, farming communities, patients and victims of terror, along with transforming the lives of widows and schoolgirls.

Our World Federation aid-worker in KPK province, Pakistan, told us that “No sensible person can hold back tears in their eyes when looking at the conditions of the people we are serving – discriminated against, ignored and victimized due to sectarian hate.”

…these pages demonstrate the real and practical impact your donations make to thousands of lives.”

Communication by charities doesn’t stop when the fundraising is finished.  It’s just as important to thank people after they have helped and let them know what a difference they have made.

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