technical writing

The Client

Morgan Innovation and Technology  – RealSim™ technology

RealSim™ technology provides the most realistic sensation of touch available in the market.

Already proven to help rehabilitate stroke survivors by replicating their sense of touch, it is now being re-purposed to revolutionise virtual reality from gaming to training 999 crews.

It has been created and patented by Morgan Innovation & Technology Limited (MIAT).

The company asked Editing Edge to create a press release showcasing this exciting new product: a glove with incredible touch technology.

Incredible touch technology

The Problem

Editing Edge head up PR for MIAT, an amazing Hampshire company creating the inventions of tomorrow.

Our challenge was to write a press release bringing a technical subject to life whilst garnering maximum publicity to help them attract investment of £1,335,000 over the next 18 months.

The Answer

We created a press release with vibrant language, human examples and exciting imagery.

The press release needed to appeal to a wide audience, from scientists, designers and engineers to gamers and investors. So we avoided tech-speak and provided plenty of real-life examples to let the possibilities of the invention speak for themselves.

The Result

Morgan Innovation & Technology were delighted with the coverage. We received multiple hits from one press release including:

Design Products & Applications (DPA)

Design Products & Applications (DPA)

Electronic Specifier (ES)

Electronic Specifier (ES)

EE News Europe

EE News Europe


The RealSim™ press release led to interviews with That’s Solent TV.

A feature on the military uses of RealSim™, is to be published in January 2017 in Electronic Product Design & Test magazine.

When creating a press release aim to use vivid language and human stories.

If you want a press release that will give you the best return on investment, get in touch with us at Editing Edge.