How to avoid boring, badly paid work by getting your message right

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get your message rightHands up if you like boring, badly paid work. Thought not. Hands up if you’d rather attract enjoyable and lucrative work.

I thought so. But sometimes you plough through tedious projects because they’re all that seem to come your way. And you wonder why you’re not getting more fun, well paid stuff.

It could be that your message is wrong.

As a copywriter, if you come to me for help with your website or marketing material, I don’t just write the words, I do the thinking too … e.g. working out with you what’s the best message to attract your ideal customer.

Yes, it’s your USPs and what they love about you, but it’s also focusing on what kind of clients you really want … an obvious point, but something that sometimes gets lost as people try to pack everything into their website or brochure.

In this case it’s targeting clients who will provide you with the type of work you like best and/or that pays well.

Why go to a lot of trouble to create web pages that bring you badly paid work that’s boring and difficult? Take a step back with me to identify and understand your ideal customer.  I’ll ensure your message talks to them in a way that will get understood and inspire action.

The upshot is, if you use Editing Edge, we don’t just write great words, we make you happier too!


Get your message right and build up your happiness quota here by giving us a call.



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