Students aim high

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Editing Edge has been chosen to edit the latest edition of the Higher Education Advisers’ Handbook: Practical Steps for One-to-One Guidance.


This invaluable guide is used by teachers, careers advisers and Higher Education advisers to put their pupils on the right track.


We hope to include an interesting discussion from Radio 4’s Moral Maze programme, which underlined that there is no consensus about who or what university is for. Is there any value in a degree in surf culture? Should students prioritise what is useful over what they enjoy? There’s a lot of debate.


Book editing requires attention to detail, lively ideas and an ability to put yourself in the mind of the reader. This is the second book we have edited in the last few months.


The first was Dr David Hillson’s entertaining look at risk management, entitled Exploiting Future Uncertainty. Design work was done by the exceptional team at Farrow Creative in Petersfield.



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