morgan IAT prize

The Client

Morgan Innovation and Technology PR

Editing Edge head up PR for Morgan Innovation and Technology, an amazing Hampshire company creating the inventions of tomorrow. Morgan IAT stand out by donating 20% of their turnover to helping inventors get their gadgets to market.

The first challenge was to create a press release promoting an exciting prize they’ve launched.

The Problem

Morgan IAT has launched an innovation award in celebration of their 30th anniversary, to help budding inventors to get their product to market.  The prize, which is free to enter, will be awarded to the entry the judges feel has the potential to make the biggest impact on society and will make best use of the top prize of £30,000 in Research & Development services.

Morgan IAT needed maximum publicity for this award, both in the UK and overseas.  Editing Edge created a press release for circulation to top industry magazines.

The Answer

The press release needed to be technical yet engaging, serious yet compelling – after all, inventions and gadgets are a cool topic.  It was important to illustrate the supportive and forward-thinking ethos of Morgan IAT.  The family-run business has become a top innovation company and keeps close to its roots by encouraging engineering and manufacturing in the UK.

The result

The press release made the “front page of MI Business Mag, which promotes entrepreneurs, business and lifestyle”.

In turn this has been heavily promoted on social media, spreading the message far and wide, including overseas coverage as seen in this mention on an international Facebook page.

 morgan innovation

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