The Client

Langmead Group website blog

The Langmead Group have been farming in West Sussex since 1881 and have built their business into a diverse, consumer-focused collection of fresh food, farming and property businesses operating across the world.

Editing Edge were asked to provide copy for their website news section and we decided to use the Day in the Life concept.

The Problem

This busy farming business understands the need to have a vibrant website that reflects their innovative approach and reaches out both to their customers and the general public.  However, like so many business, they lack the time and expertise to create compelling website copy on a regular basis, particularly the news updates.  As well as illustrating their farming expertise in the news section, they were also aware of the need to engage with their local community – Langmead Farms have a fantastic reputation with UK supermarkets but local people only see the tractors holding up traffic and mud on the roads.

The Answer

They asked Editing Edge to provide some content for their news section. Rather than concentrating on technical farming methods, we wanted to tell a human story. What better way than creating a series of Day in the Life features?

The Result

By focusing on the people working on the farm, we can weave in key messages about quality, besting competitors and caring for staff whilst giving a real sense of what the business actually does on day to day.  They make far more interesting reading than the usual list of services or About Us sections. They also provide regular fresh content for the website, which is great for Google.

See for yourself:

A Day in the Life story humanises your business and does wonders for your marketing

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