The Client


Quotefix was founded in 2017 to give customers a better way of getting their broken domestic appliances fixed, from cooker repairs to faulty tumble dryers.

The Problem

Our brief was to write the entire website for this start-up domestic appliance repair company.  We needed to weave in key words: not easy to write “hob repair” (or variations on that theme) five times in 150 words and still make it sound natural!

The Answer

We had to:

  • Put ourself in the mind of a customer to chart the buying process and ensure all was in logical order.
  • Keep it upbeat, positive and friendly whilst sounding ultimately professional.
  • Complete the whole project in less than two weeks.
  • Meet a tight deadline for the national launch, including several drafts of copy as the product evolved in the final days.
  • Create FAQs and terms and conditions to match the Quotefix brand personality.

The project needed attention to detail, creativity and flexibility as the brief changed with the deadline fast approaching.

The Result

The copy was delivered and the website was launched on time.  It was exciting to be integral to the launch of this dynamic new nationwide brand.  We loved working with the bright entrepreneurial team.

“The content looks really good.”

Daniel Balchin, CEO

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