The Client

Patrick Lewis Architects blog

When you’re an innovative, highly creative architectural practice, the use of formal, technical vocabulary in your blogs and emails can undo all the beauty of the designs and images you are trying to promote. Time to call in the experts!

The Problem

Patrick Lewis Architects are an innovative, London-based architectural practice, listed in the 25 Best Architects by the Sunday Times. They are passionate about materials, craftsmanship and the pursuit of quality and the words they use in their marketing need to put this passion across.

They wanted to engage a wider public with blogs and an email marketing campaign written in approachable, conversational style rather than architect-speak.

The Answer

Editing Edge’s approach involves monthly conversations to gather ideas, writing blogs that tell a story in tandem with stunning images, and uploading to their website, MailChimp (an email newsletter system) and LinkedIn.

The Result

The fresh style is getting plenty of great feedback and 1,000 people turned up to the amazing ‘textile house’ project the practice showed during Open House London.

Talking in their language

When you talk in a language your customer understands and uses themselves, you get far more engagement with your audience.

Create emails and blogs that engage your audience with our copywriting services at Editing Edge.

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