The Client


Longacre is the new branding for three premium office spaces in Windsor. The development combines an excellent location in the heart of the town along with contemporary design, secure parking and superb views – the perfect environment for an inspiring workspace.


The Problem

Longacre needed a website to promote the site to an audience of corporates and charities with staff who demand much more from an office in 2024. Research shows that employees rank natural light and space for collaboration among their priorities. Copy had to show how Longacre catered for these requirements, as well as singing the praises of Windsor and highlighting its unique attractions.

And while the letting agents had executed an outstanding office development to a high standard, they needed help in crafting a tone of voice to appeal to their target audience.

The Solution

At Editing Edge, we work strategically with multiple stakeholders to fact-find and unearth ‘hidden nuggets’ so we can develop and deliver on-target results.

It is precisely how we approached this project. We worked closely with the team at Longacre by attending on site-meetings to understand the product, and carrying out on-foot research to get to know the location.

With the fact-finding completed, we wrote draft copy, honed it word by word to get it just right, then collaborated with a multinational team of marketing experts and web designers from Windsor to Switzerland to produce a compelling website.

The Result

The result is a clear and engaging website which is effective because it has:

  • To-the-point, lively writing to tempt companies to relocate to these fantastic new office spaces.
  • Strategic content that hits all the Longacre key sales messages.
  • A tone of voice that connects with the target audience.