The Client

Asquith Nurseries

The success of this poster for one of the UK’s largest childcare groups hinges on minimising Early Years jargon and choosing verbs that reflect the vigour and excitement of children at play.

Cutting back on jargon to ‘talk like your customers’ is the key to successful copywriting.

Asquith ran more than 80 nurseries across the UK, from Basildon to Woking, and as well as this lively poster we were privileged to write website content for all of them.

Writing for nurseries is a combination of using upbeat, inspiring language to engage the interest of parents but also covering some of the educational aspects from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum that nurseries teach.

It is about encapsulating the fun that children will have while their parents are at work, reassuring mums and dads that the nursery is safe and secure, and also motivating parents with the idea that their children will begin the pathway towards school by learning more than they ever could at home.

Copywriting for nurseries should both make mums and dads think, “That’s the place I want my child to be!” and showcase the abilities of talented staff so they are fully engaged in the nursery’s mission.

Asquith Nurseries had a strong record of excellence, ran a pioneering IT programme within its nurseries and earned consistently high ratings from Ofsted.

Our work helped the marketing team promote a business that became the third largest nursery group in the UK, with turnover of £60m. It was sold to industry leader Bright Horizons.

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