The Client

Satellite Applications Catapult

The Government’s Satellite Applications Catapult is at the forefront of the satellite services revolution.

Although the failure of the first UK satellite launch from Cornwall early in 2023 was a massive disappointment for everyone involved, this is a sector that is resilient, dynamic and always taking on new challenges.

Editing Edge’s Lesley Hussell has loved reading about space ever since she was at school, so this commission, driving take-up of space technology, was a real pleasure.

Satellite Applications Catapult

The Problem

It was hugely exciting to work with the UK space industry on The Catapult’s Annual Report showcasing the incredible innovations being led by British companies.

However, this was a lengthy and comprehensive piece of work carried out over several months in liaison with multiple departments at The Satellite Applications Catapult. This is the body responsible for getting UK businesses involved in space, growing their companies, increasing investment, generating profit and export orders and positioning Britain as a prime player in the sector. It is one of nine Government Catapults, uniquely established to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas such as energy systems and medicine discovery.


The Solution

The work required a big-picture approach to put together a report with powerful overarching themes as well as intense attention to detail.

It involved translating often technical language into more appealing text for a wide audience. In addition, it required a nose for a story to dig out highlights from hundreds of pages of background documents.

The Result

The result – a coherent and compelling report presenting the many impressive innovations British space companies have been working on. Project examples include:

  • Ubiquitous Connectivity

Boosted mobile connectivity in Dorset is the secret behind sensors deployed to detect cliff erosion, 5G-connected buoys to monitor surf conditions and measuring footfall at overcrowded beaches.

Fun fact: The Catapult is now testing uses in new areas ranging from ‘connected cows’ (remote cattle monitoring) to Hospital at Home and Internet-of-Things public litter bins.

  • Agriculture

The Catapult’s Agri Living Lab demonstrates how satellite-enabled technologies address challenges across the global food system. The Lab’s two projects – ForestMind and COLCO – have been bringing together agricultural tech and innovation expertise with state-of-the-art testing facilities and real-world trial environments.

Fun fact: Satellites have allowed for detection of deforestation, and mapping and tackling of supply-chain challenges. The ForestMind project has therefore allowed traders, commodity brokers and retailers to verify deforestation impact claims and make responsible decisions.

  • Intelligent Transport

The Catapult has been playing a key role in exploring how advances in space technology will shape transport – whilst working alongside the Department for Transport (DfT) and England’s Economic Heartland (EEH).

Fun fact: The Catapult is working with the MoD on drone projects to eliminate over 90% of helicopter flights carrying out last-mile re-supply.



The team at the Satellite Applications Catapult were very uplifting to work with, full of enthusiasm and optimism in a sector that really is breaking through new frontiers every day.

We look forward to ongoing work on this prestigious project.


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