OMG it’s September

OMG it’s September and we’ve really got to find some new clients NOW! We need to shake up our website, get some brilliant brochures done, get some proper strategy in place …

Know the feeling? The children are back at school, summer is well and truly over and now you’ve got your feet back under the table, there’s that panic of where the next piece of business is going to come from.

Before you suffer that feeling of too little too late, the good news is you can take action now to speed up those sales.  Stop the panicking and follow some simple advice from Editing Edge Copywriters.

Firstly revisit your website home page.

  • State very clearly what you actually do: if you unblock drains, isn’t that much punchier than a vague ‘bespoke wastewater solutions’?
  • Include a feature quote from a happy customer: just 10 or 15 words of praise in bold or bigger type.
  • Use an appealing photo of the end result of your service. For example if you’re selling water coolers, use a picture of bright-eyed pupils drinking water, not just the water cooler you sell to schools.
  • Make sure your phone number is on the front page, nice and large. Customers need to be able to get hold of you now.

Quick fix to website done, start thinking about the longer term for sustained results.

Create regular blogs on your website – give people reasons to keep coming back to your website.  Blogs help you in multiple ways, from telling customers more about you and your products and services, to pushing your website up the search engine rankings so you get found more easily.  For blog writing tips and ideas, download our Content is King Guide.

Remember life before the internet, when we relied on paper and post?

Could it be time to … gulp … send out a sales letter? If, like many people, the thought of writing a sales letter, let along making a cold call, fills you with terror then it might be the perfect time to bring in a copywriter.  If you would like to have a stab at it yourself, download our Content is King Guide and follow the 5 essentials for a sales letter/email.

Brochures and leaflets still have a vital role to play in your marketing and can be a refreshing break from this digital age.  Revisit your printed material – or produce some if you don’t have any.  Invest in good copy that talks to your prospective clients, and good imagery to tell the story.

And, of course, Editing Edge are here to help.  We can offer a quick fix if it’s an emergency – such as revamping your website copy in a flash.  And we’re here if you have longer-term plans for your sales and marketing.

What are you waiting for? Act now to catch those new clients. All you need do is give them unbeatable reasons to hire you.