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Why you need a copywriter – the 3Cs

I was chatting to a client recently who wanted to know what hiring a copywriter could bring to her company, when they knew their business so well they had far more expertise than me. Fair point, but my answer is that it is because I am an outsider that I add benefit. I bring the virtues of the 3Cs – providing copy that is Clear, Compelling and Concise. Writing with clarity Clear: it is because I’m not a specialist in her business that I can bring clarity, grasping the overview, picking out interesting detail and seeing what’s important in a way that she finds hard (she’s too immersed in it all.)   How can you add clarity to something you know so much about that you ... Read more

Get Dad up the Mountain! A good story

  Time to thank all the corporate sponsors backing our Africa Cause of the Year – we now have five, and it's a huge help. They're not only doing a good thing, they're also getting name checks on our publicity, in the press and on LinkedIn and Twitter. So it's a canny commercial move, too. Here's the roll call, then we've news about the big event next week – Get Dad up the Mountain! Computer support whizzes iSAAC Support @iSAAC_support Financial adviser Joy Barden Social media expert Sumi Olson @sumiolson Reiki and NLP practitioner Lizzie Carver @lizziecolourful Fuel bills money saver Vicki Wilson @UtilityVicki Up Scafell to raise cash for Zambia Our Cause of the Year is James Raftery's expedition to build houses in Zambia that families can move ... Read more

It’s the season for better blogs

Whoosh, there goes Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day is storming up on the horizon with Easter steaming along behind it. Are you missing out on something? The shops execute super-swift changes to replace one seasonal display with the next. In fact at the moment Mothering Sunday gifts (Kath Kidston all round?) are elbowing Easter eggs on the shelves as they both hog a piece of the action. Thankfully we don’t tend to send each other May Day cards, but June will see the Diamond Jubilee (anyone seen a ‘Happy Jubilee Grandma’ card yet? Maybe there’s a gap in the market) then Father’s Day. What all this goes to show is that there’s huge potential for businesses to include seasonal shifts in their marketing plans. You ... Read more

Christmas blogging: last-minute advice

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What has Twitter ever done for me?

In the last few weeks at Editing Edge we've been making a big effort to bump up our Twitter activity and yes, as everyone predicted, we've been reaping the rewards.  (more…) Read more