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Copywriting for humans, or Tell it like it is

I’ve been reading Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, by Dee Brown, and have been struck by the gloriously evocative way that Native Americans charted the passage of the year. So they had the Moon of the Red Grass Appearing, the Moon of the Deer Dropping Their Horns, the ... Read more

How to write winning proposals

We wish we knew the secret to writing proposals that will guarantee you get the contract every time, but we can't. We can't, because you can never second-guess exactly what every potential client is looking for. As copywriters we can, however, give you a really good guide to some essentials, ... Read more

Words or pictures. Which are more important?

Copywriting for websites, brochures and blogs is all about words, isn’t it? Yes, finding the right words that spur potential customers to hire you is crucial. But pictures can be just as important. Research shows people are more likely to click on a page with a compelling image, because it draws ... Read more

Why you need a copywriter – the 3Cs

I was chatting to a client recently who wanted to know what hiring a copywriter could bring to her company, when they knew their business so well they had far more expertise than me. Fair point, but my answer is that it is because I am an outsider that I ... Read more

Why I’m not a lifeguard

Do you know the Series of Unfortunate Events books by American author Lemony Snicket? These brilliantly surreal children’s novels are masterpieces in the well-chosen word. The plots pit the unfortunate Baudelaire orphans against wicked Count Olaf as he tries to get his hands in their fortune. In one book, the ... Read more

Tell a story (how to get an OBE)

The art to drawing in an audience is telling a story. It’s something I’ve been doing recently in writing Queen’s Honours nominations for some very worthy people who are being put forward for OBEs and knighthoods. You may not know that Honours don’t always come floating down from the Palace ... Read more
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