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Mission improbable

Need help crafting the perfect mission statement for your company? Contact us at Editing Edge. Read more

Telling the whole story

Are you basking in the afterglow of a successfully completed project for a client?  After all the hard work is finished, don’t just pat yourself on the back for a job well done … tell the world about it. Adding case studies to your website can be powerful for many ... Read more

Words to make travel dreams come true

Copywriting for the travel industry The travel industry is always great fun to write for, using evocative language to persuade people to make their travel dreams come true.  Whether it’s describing a luxurious trip of a lifetime or convincing them to buy travel insurance, there’s plenty of material to work ... Read more

A lesson in education copywriting

Beautifully crafted brochures espousing core values, state-of-the-art videos produced to capture the essence of the place, laborious funding applications, eye-catching websites, cleverly written adverts … the world of education today is a far cry from the schools many of us attended. From nurseries to universities, the sector has an imperative ... Read more

Making the most of your press coverage

Some well-appointed PR is the perfect way to get a message out to as many people as possible if you’ve got an interesting story to tell about your business. A carefully written press release, some great photos and a reliable list of journalists can give a real boost to your ... Read more

A Day in the Life

Whose story can you tell to boost your business? It can be a real chore to write regular news updates on a business website … coming up with fresh ideas, keeping the momentum going and finding the time to do it. Despite knowing the benefit of regular website updates (from helping ... Read more
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