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Questions your copywriter should ask you

Passing your website or brochure copy over to a copywriter may be a great weight off your mind, but it’s important to make sure they have all the information they need. After all, you want content that will put your competition firmly in the shade. A copywriter needs to understand ... Read more

From Mugwumps to word wizardry

What your choice of words says about you The election campaign is hotting up and, while many may have had their fill of political spin, it does present more opportunities for those in power to deliver some good old-fashioned political gaffes. And racing to the front of the queue, as ever, ... Read more

The power of persuasion

Writing for a charity is a double-edged sword.  There is always a fascinating story to tell, from the amazing work the charity does, to its inventive fundraising initiatives. The human angle is easy to find.  But charities, like any other organisation, face real financial pressures. So charity copywriting must work ... Read more

You’d never believe it but

Fake news – while it may not be a new phenomenon, it has gained momentum over the last couple of years ... So how can you spot fake news? The rise of the common voice on social media and the move away from reliance on our trusted daily newspaper (OK we ... Read more

A Day in the Life – Lesley Hussell

Next up I’ve got a Skype call with an international construction client.  (Technology allows me to have clients far and wide without compromising on the face-to-face interaction).  We’re talking about their new website, which focuses on how their people make them stand out from the competition. Telling “people” stories ... Read more

The art of simplicity

You’ve slaved hard over a piece of writing and taken care to eliminate the jargon only to be told by the boss or a kindly critic that you’ve dumbed it down too much ... and the writing needs to be more technical to show the world that you are ... Read more
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