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How to write a great Call to Action

It's one of the fundamentals of website copywriting that you need a good Call to Action – a few words that actually entice your target customers to do something. This might be to ring you, buy now or sign up for your newsletter. If you don't ask them to take action, chances are they won't and will instead drift off elsewhere on the web. It is actually proven that people are much more likely to do something if you ask them to. How to write a Call to Action that works for different customers A basic Call to Action is 'call us today.' You could position this prominently on every page, next to a nice big phone number. But you can vary your Calls to ... Read more

Top 10 ideas for blogs

Did you start blogging in a bubble of optimism then run out of steam? Finding new ideas for blogs doesn't have to be hard. Try these Top 10 blogging ideas: 1. Comment on topical items in the news that have a bearing on your business – and your customers' concerns. Set up Google alerts and scan news websites for relevant stories. Top tip: Research using Google News for up-to-date information in an easy-to-read form. Be amusing, informative, knowledgeable: whatever will get potential customers' attention. 2. Offer your readers hints and tips and make them topical: Top Ten autumn healthy eating tips 5 mistakes to avoid in [add your business area] this winter Fundraising ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 3. Answer FAQs. Think what questions your clients frequently ... Read more

Punchy PowerPoints – keep it simple

'Keep it simple' is our mantra, good advice for clients and for ourselves. We were playing around with punchy PowerPoints with a client recently and came up with this example: We Are Editing Edge Click on the link and it will download a very short PowerPoint onto your desktop. We have combined a few words and images to tell the Editing Edge story.     Tell us what you think and share your story with us. How do you communicate with your customers? If you think a copywriter could help you with your PowerPoint copywriting or any marketing project, give us a call. Lesley Hussell Read more

5 secrets to winning awards

Has your company got what it takes to win an award? Almost certainly yes. But you won't win if you don't enter, and you won't give yourself the best shot if you cobble an entry together at the last minute. I've just completed three entries for British companies for the Queen's Award for Enterprise (QAE), the world's most prestigious business award. Two were in the International Trade category and one in Innovation. Are you stumped? These are fantastic companies that are world leaders in their sectors, with great stories of achievement. They were stumped, however, when it came to filling out the daunting 30-page entry form. What they needed was a professional awards writer to tell their story in a compelling, focused way that would make ... Read more

How to avoid clichés – are you sure you’re delighted?

I'm delighted that you're reading this. I'd be delighted to work with you. We're delighted to have delighted our customers. Hmm, I wonder if 'delighted' is getting a bit too overused. It's an easy, feelgood word to slip in to conversation, emails and our marketing, but perhaps it has become a cliché. So what about some copywriting alternatives? Thrilled. Pleased. Happy. Over the moon. Excited. Enchanted. Elated. Overjoyed. Ecstatic. Content. Finding the right words Some of these will sound too cosy, too excitable, too underplayed, too formal ... but some will be just right, for you and your customers. This blog is really an invitation to think about the words you use and make sure they're right for your circumstances. To think like a copywriter. And to think about the impression you make – and could make. ... Read more

Five cool parallax websites

We've been looking at these one-page parallax sites as part of the copywriting brief for a new pharma website. We love the way they use simple text and dazzling visuals – a powerful combination! If you have other great examples, share them with us. Read more
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