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Insider tips on writing for the web

As a journalist and a copywriter who’s been writing since long before the dawn of the internet, I’m often asked what tips I can give to write specifically for the web. Whether writing for the web or offline, one thing has remained timeless – well thought out, clear, skilfully written ... Read more

Are these the 11 most boring words in business?

Has malaise ever crept in when you’re jumping from one website to another in the quest to find the answer to your problems? You may have visited five sites but the same old words keep swimming before your eyes. There’s nothing to distinguish the services from one company to ... Read more

Are you sitting comfortably?

A lesson in how to think like your customer to create attention-grabbing copy. How do you go about writing copy that speaks directly to your customer and makes them take notice of what you are saying? We are all busy people and with an abundance of messages out there, both on ... Read more

Thatcher’s assassin and the power of words

Reading this weekend’s obituaries of Geoffrey Howe it is clear how he will be remembered best ­– as “Thatcher’s assassin.” Once Margaret Thatcher’s close Cabinet ally, he turned on her in a resignation speech famous for its deadly venom. I was a political editor at Westminster in 1990, and I ... Read more

Only one chance to shine? Make every word count

What do a pig, a Tokyo townhouse and a kidnap plot have in common? It may sound like the opening line of some obscure joke but for the last few weeks I’ve been living and breathing these three concepts whilst completing three entries for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the ... Read more

Copywriting testimonials

What could bright, effective copywriting do for your company? Well, help you sell more, show yourself at your very best and give your clients great reasons to hire you. These recent testimonials show how happy our clients are … could you be next? Copywriting testimonials  “The work you created was amazing and ... Read more
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