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Creating a punchy video script

The internet was made for videos.  As the latest figures tell us, video is dominating the online world with 8 billion videos viewed per day on Facebook, 7 billion per day on Snapchat and 5 billion on Youtube (it may be lower but total time spent on Youtube is ... Read more

The perils of DIY copywriting

DIY – a word synonymous with wonky shelves and half-finished decorating.  An enthusiastic amateur who thinks they are saving money and delights (or curses more likely) in the task at hand but, perhaps when that job is never quite finished or good enough, wishes they’d called in the professional. Copywriting ... Read more

How to write a better Linkedin Profile

A copywriter’s guide to creating an engaging Linkedin summary Linkedin is the perfect platform to find and engage with potential clients, suppliers, employees and employers. You get to know what that person is about – where they work, what they have done in their career, their opinions and ideas. And underpinning ... Read more

It’s that time of year again

There’s huge potential for businesses to include seasonal events in their marketing plans and perhaps in ways that can be really creative if you put a bit of thought in. If you have a blog it’s an opportunity to write some interesting articles to attract more business. Or the ... Read more

You talkin’ to me?

Adjusting your writing style for your audience Who are you talking to when you’re putting together your marketing brochure or writing a piece for your website? Have you got a clear idea of who your target audience is for your business? Before you start any piece of writing, think: “Who do ... Read more

Should I use a freelance copywriter?

You need to write your latest brochure / website content / newsletter / press release / video script (delete as appropriate) and you are facing the question: should I do it myself or bring in an expert? Why should you pay someone else to write about your company when, after ... Read more
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