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How to avoid boring, badly paid work by getting your message right

Hands up if you like boring, badly paid work. Thought not. Hands up if you’d rather attract enjoyable and lucrative work. I thought so. But sometimes you plough through tedious projects because they’re all that seem to come your way. And you wonder why you’re not getting more fun, well ... Read more

What is a copywriter?

It’s the real thing. The future’s Orange. Every little helps. Shoulda gone to ... Behind all these famous slogans is a great copywriter. But copywriters do more than come up with catchy taglines. So if you think you might need a copywriter but you’re not quite sure what they ... Read more

Annual report writing – the need to get it right

Your company’s annual report is your once-a-year chance to tell your story to the world. The same message will be going out to a very wide audience – your customers, shareholders, Board and your staff, not to forget suppliers, lenders, regulators and the good old media. Your annual report should be ... Read more

Don’t delete me just yet…

How many times have you opened an email and it’s so long you can’t be bothered to read it? Another one just takes ten seconds, so that’s it, that’s the one you choose. Emails are an indelible part of our daily lives. In 2015, the number of emails sent and received per ... Read more

Mission improbable

Need help crafting the perfect mission statement for your company? Contact us at Editing Edge. Read more

Telling the whole story

Are you basking in the afterglow of a successfully completed project for a client?  After all the hard work is finished, don’t just pat yourself on the back for a job well done … tell the world about it. Adding case studies to your website can be powerful for many ... Read more
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