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This is my moment

  The awards season is in full swing and while the papers will be full of celebrities in the latest designer gowns on red carpets, there’s also growing anticipation about what cutting political statement or faux pas the winners may come out with on the podium. We’ve already had outspoken ... Read more

9 questions to ask when choosing a copywriter

You’ve already made the brilliant decision to use a copywriter (haven’t you?? If not, read this first). Now, how do you get the most out of your investment by choosing a copywriter who will bring some whizz to your website or pizzazz to your press release? What experience do they ... Read more

What Trump can teach us – really!

In just a few days’ time (at the time of writing) the new leader of the free world is about to take his seat (assuming the FBI, CIA, Russian security or MI6 don’t unearth anymore little surprises). You may think as a copywriter I’d be unlikely to look to Donald ... Read more

How to tell a story

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool.  Get it right and it can mean the difference between a new customer and simply being ignored. There’s nothing new about storytelling – we all enjoy a good tale – but when you’re trying to win that next bit of business it’s too easy ... Read more

How to avoid boring, badly paid work by getting your message right

Hands up if you like boring, badly paid work. Thought not. Hands up if you’d rather attract enjoyable and lucrative work. I thought so. But sometimes you plough through tedious projects because they’re all that seem to come your way. And you wonder why you’re not getting more fun, well ... Read more

What is a copywriter?

It’s the real thing. The future’s Orange. Every little helps. Shoulda gone to ... Behind all these famous slogans is a great copywriter. But copywriters do more than come up with catchy taglines. So if you think you might need a copywriter but you’re not quite sure what they ... Read more
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